Power Scenario

  • Continuing Power Deficit (Peak/Energy)
  • Demand likely to jump:
    • Faster economic development
    • Smart Cities
    • Make-in-India movement
    • Unsatisfactory monsoon and agricultural demand
  • Constraints in New Capacity Addition
    • Coal Production Limitation
    • Price Volatility of Imported Coal
    • Stagnant Natural Gas Production
    • High/Volatile Cost of LNG
    • Nuclear- Long gestation, international issues
    • Hydro- Not growing as expected
  • Expected increase in Power cuts from the grid:
    • Inadequate Generation
    • Loss Making DISCOM Operations
    • Inadequate Tariffs - credit squeeze
  • DG Back up unsuitable
    • High and volatile cost of fuel
    • Under-utilisation - high per unit fixed cost
    • Pollution

Use of Rooftop SolarPV

  • Mitigates above constraints
  • Favourable Govt. Policy - Economic Advantage
    • Offset your high cost grid power by solar generation
    • Sell excess solar generation to DISCOM
  • Other Advantages
    • Environment friendly.
    • No noise pollution.
    • Cost of generation is converging
    • Favorable GOI and State policy
    • Simple operation and maintenance
    • Win-Win for Govt. and Consumers

  Solar Panels have expected lifespan of atleast 25-30 years.